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Acetic Acid Market Weekly Report

Acetic Acid Market Weekly Report

2021.12.11 Industrynews 255

Price trend
The average domestic acetic acid market price this weekend was 6,087 yuan/ton, down 3.49% from last weekend's price.

 Market key points
The market price of acetic acid weakened first and then stabilized. This week, new faulty parking manufacturers were added on the supply side, which temporarily restored the downward trend in the market price of acetic acid.

The downstream still needs to buy mainly. Near the weekend, the supply and demand of the acetic acid market are short-balanced. Except for the slightly higher inventories in the northwest region, all other companies

Regional inventory is still not under great pressure, and there is still a slight weak and positive support for the market. The overall start of acetic acid this week was 4.69% lower than last week, and the work started this week

The rate is 62.88%. The supply-side equipment situation: Jiangsu Thorpe equipment maintenance, Nanjing Yangzi equipment failure shutdown, Chongqing Yangzi acetic acid equipment inspection build.

 Anticipation of the market outlook
In the short-term, it seems that the price of acetic acid is weak and stable, and there are still certain bearish expectations after next week. Jiangsu Thorpe device overhaul, bulk order price this month
Following the market, the volume of bulk orders is not much, but in view of the expected restart this week, the market supply will increase; Nanjing Yangzi Acetic Acid
The device is expected to shut down for 10-15 days, and it is expected to restart next week. If the supply side parking manufacturers all resume work on time next week, the overall start of work will continue to increase
Exploring, the supply side will be eliminated for a short period of time. Downstream: The start of vinyl acetate will be low next week, and the start of acetate will be stable. The demand side is expected to remain
Maintain rigid demand; Acetate has gradually entered the traditional off-season, and it is expected that the demand side will continue to be weak in the later period. Considering that there is a centralized replenishment situation in the downstream at the beginning of the month
Kuang Baichuan expects that the short-term acetic acid will be weak to maintain stability. At present, the inventory pressure in other regions except the northwest is not large, and the main focus is on Jiangsu Thorpe in the middle of the month.
And Nanjing Yangzi's installation resumption situation.

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