Ferrous Citrate

1、Chemical Name: Ferrous Citrate

2、Formula : FeC6H6O7

3、Molecular Weight: 245.95

4、CAS: 23383-11-1

5、Character: It occurs as slightly gray-green powder or as white crystal.

6、Usage: It is uesd as nutritional supplement in food industry.

7、Packing: It is packed with polyethylene bag as inner layer, and a compound plastic woven bag as outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.

8、Storage and Transport:It should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse, kept away from heat and moisture during transportation, unloaded with care so as to avoid damage. Furthermore, it must be stored separately from poisonous substances.

质量指标 Specification FCC VII
含量 (以Fe2+计),w/%    ≥ Content (Fe2+),w/%          ≥ 22.0
氯化物 ,w/%             ≤ Cl,w/%                ≤ 0.2
硫酸盐 ,w/%              ≤ Sulfate,w/%             ≤ 0.06
铅 ,mg/kg                  ≤ Lead,mg/kg                ≤ 2.0
正铁,w/%                   ≤ Ferric,w/%              ≤ 3.0

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