Potassium Citrate

1、Chemical Name: Potassium Citrate

2、Molecular Formula: K3C6H5O7·H2O

3、Molecular Weight: 324.41

4、CAS: 6100-05-6

5、Character: It is transparent crystal or white coarse powder, odorless and tastes salty and cool. Relative density is 1.98. It’s easily deliquescent in air. It’s soluble in water and glycerin, almost insoluble in ethanol.

6、Usage: In food processing industry, it is used as buffer, chelate agent, stabilizer, antioxidant, emulsifier and flavoring. It can be used in dairy product,jelly, jam, meat and tinned pastry. It also can be used as emulsifier in cheese and antistaling agent in oranges, and so on. In pharmaceutical, it is used for hypokalimia, potassium depletion and alkalization of urine.

7、Packing: It is packed with polyethylene bag as inner layer, and a compound plastic woven bag as outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.

8、Storage and Transport:It should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse, kept away from heat and moisture during transportation, unloaded with care so as to avoid damage. Furthermore, it must be stored separately from poisonous substances.

Specification FCC VII
Content(Dry Basis),w/% 99.0-100.5
Lead(Pb),mg/kg          2.0
Alkalinity Pass Test
Loss on Drying ,w/% 3.0-6.0

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