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“To meet the nineteen port city to see private enterprises” large-scale photography folk songs activities
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On the afternoon of June 15, 2017, Lianyungang City Federation of Industry and Commerce and Lianyungang Newspaper Media Group jointly held a ceremony to "meet the nineteen port city to see private enterprises" large-scale photography folk songs in our conference room. Former vice mayor of Lianyungang City, Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce Zhang Jiajiong, Vice Chairman Zhang Jiwu, Lianyungang Daily Vice President, Cangwu Evening News Deputy Chief of the paternity of the mountain, Lianyungang City veteran photographic association chairman Cao Yuhe and photographer and his party twenty Four people participated in the launching ceremony, after the start of the ceremony, the leaders and photographers visited the eleven workshops, and conducted a live interview photography activities.

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